Organisation Overview

3L Development is operational since 1998 and registered as a NPO in 2001. In 2015, the name was changed from Thabiso NGO to 3L Development as the organisation believes everyone should Live Life in Light. 

A paradigm shift was made, to deter focus from the broad community developmental approach and completely focus on three specific areas, namely; Socio-Economic Empowerment – 3L Development strives to uplift and empower underprivileged communities. 

Early Learning- The fundamental key to future growth is education. 

Skills Development – The organisation assists in affirming a place and position as an SA citizen. 

The organisation manages a well-developed Early Learning program. Two community service centres are established in Barkly West and Warrenton, Northern Cape. 3L Development was appointed as the implementation agent for the governmental project: Community Work Program (CWP) which provides the participants with freedom from poverty. 

For the past 18 years, 3L Development has specialized in: Home Based Care, Governance & Transformation, Socio-economic programs, Water related projects, Project Management and Training related projects.

Services & Projects

Socio-Economic Pogrames over past 3 Years



Learners Received Classroom Assistance


ECD Assistance

Children receiving Early Childhood Development Assistance


Feeding Schemes

Beneficiaries Received Food Through Feeding Schemes At Schools, Churches & Creches

Community Works Programme (CWP)


Sanitation Projects

Water Points, Pipes And Sanitation Facilities Repaired


Food Security

Vegetable Gardens Established And Maintained



Planted Trees  In Northern Cape Communities


Job Creation

Create temporary employment through Community Works Programme (CWP).

Our Work told through Photos

Donors & Partners