Early Childhood Development – Playgroup

I fell pregnant in matric and had to drop out, I completed my schooling later on. I was unemployed for a long time until I started assisting with administrative tasks at a soup kitchen. My personal life was bad because my 12 year old child gave me many problems regarding discipline. He was disobedient and stubborn, I cried myself to sleep over this for many nights. 

When I heard about the ECD program I was so excited to get started! There is a day care centre in my community but they only take children aged 3- 5 years. I immediately started recruiting small children between the ages of 0 – 2 years. Yes, there have been roadblocks but that has not stopped me and I have the support from the parents in the community. 

I have learned so much since receiving the ECD training. I can discipline my child the right way and assist with his homework because I now have the skills. I communicate better with my child because I understand his needs. And the bond I have with the children in my playgroup and, especially with my own child, is very strong. The parents trust me so much that they bring their older children after school for me to help with their homework . I love children and I love working with them. I am so grateful for this opportunity. 

I hope to make a difference with the early childhood development because I see the educational gap in the Gr R learners. I hope to make a positive change in these children’s lives.

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