Services & Projects

Socio-Economic Pogrames over past 3 Years



Learners Received Classroom Assistance


ECD Assistance

Children receiving Early Childhood Development Assistance


Feeding Schemes

Beneficiaries Received Food Through Feeding Schemes At Schools, Churches & Creches


Home Based Care

Beneficiaries Received Assistance At Old Age Homes, Clinics & Hospices

Current and Completed Projects

Community Works Programme (CWP)


Sanitation Projects

Water Points, Pipes And Sanitation Facilities Repaired


Food Security

Vegetable Gardens Established And Maintained



Planted Trees  In Northern Cape Communities


Job Creation

Create temporary employment through Community Works Programme (CWP).


3L Development provides non-centre based provision of early learning services in rural and urban areas in the Northern Cape Province, where no early learning services are available. Young mothers / caregivers receive training to be edu-carers and playgroups are established in these rural villages.

A well-designed day program, compiled by experts in the ECD field within the organization, is used in these playgroups.

The day program is aligned according to the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) to ensure these small children are school ready and become lifelong learners. The young mothers / caregivers are empowered, through capacity building, by being offered an exit strategy to complete their schooling and pursue a career in ECD. The fundamentals for lifelong learning are built in the first 6 years of life when the brain is most receptive to stimulation.

Children who do not attend quality early learning programs, start formal schooling at a disadvantage. The gap between them and their more advantaged peers widens over time. Young mothers / caregivers are equipped with the tools to develop the small children holistically.

These young mothers / caregivers form support groups to discuss challenges and advise each other on raising their children. By applying this methodology, the Early Learning project’s model has proven to be a success and deliver a positive impact. See photos in our Gallery here.


3L Development focuses on initiatives that support and care for communities in need and vulnerable groups, specializing in childhood development. Other activities are listed below.


The two community service centre provides information and services to communities, through the development communication approach, in an integrated manner. These centres provide a hub of activities and a variety of services such as:

  • Feeding Schemes – over 100 beneficiaries receive a meal a day at our centres.
  • Homework Assistance – school children are able to obtain information for school projects and receive homework assistance
  • Awareness Campaigns – monthly awareness campaigns are conducted in order to educate and empower the communities on issues such as substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, human trafficking, etc.

Sustainable Livelihood

The community has vegetable gardens which are a source of produce for disadvantaged community members and sustainable livelihood. These vegetable gardens are maintained and monitored by specialist to ensure the vegetables grow and are harvested to feed the community.


3L Development focuses on initiatives which support and care for communities in need and vulnerable groups, specialising in childhood development. This organization identifies orphaned and vulnerable children (OVCs) in the communities and ensure sufficient support is offered. These OVCs are reported to the Department of Social Development. We assist in obtaining birth certificates, applying for social grants and registering these children at schools. Psycho-social support is offered to orphan and vulnerable children.

Arts, Culture and Sport Development Program

The program aims to identify talent and teach children to function as a team. By enlisting the children in the program we hope to keep them off the streets and steer clear of substance abuse. Project Management The organization has managed various projects in the past. Because of these projects, the organization is in the fortunate position to be appointed as a National implementing Agent managing the Community Works Programme (CWP) in the Northern Cape on behalf on Department of Cooperate Governance (DCoG) National.

The organization applies processes, scientific methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve the project objectives. Each project is seen as a unique, transient endeavour, undertaken to achieve planned objectives, which could be defined in terms of outputs, outcomes or benefits.

  • 3L Development is appointed by the Department of Corporate Governance to manage the Community Works Program (CWP).
  • Since 2011, 3L Development had the task of managing 11 000 participants. Managing useful work – this has been identified by the community through community participant tools.
  • Financial Management: procurement of tools and training for the projects. 3L Development is responsible for the administration of the project attendance registers, Management Information System (MIS), Health and Safety and asset management.
  • Implementation of stakeholder engagement in local, provincial and national government and private sector involvement to create and establish partnerships.


3L Development is accredited by Local Government SETA (LG SETA) and has a range of training associates. We offer training in the following areas:

  • Psychometric Testing

  • Rural Development

  • Succession Planning

  • Peer Education Training

  • Home Community Based Care

  • Health Counselling and Testing

  • National Certificate: Local Government Councillor Practices

  • National Certificate: Ward Committee Governance

  • Project Management

  • SMME Development

  • Corporate Governance



3L Development has the vision to ensure stakeholders understand the needs of the community. By understanding this, the quantitative and qualitative information and the location (per household) is defined.

The methodology used is the MapInfo Professional Community Development Information program. This programme was designed to accommodate and develop all information pertaining to a questionnaire/ survey.

This information is linked with the GPS instrument. Primary data is obtained from each household by completing a questionnaire and is captured on mass format for reporting and map generation for the community’s current status and the social economic impact.

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