The Palesa Project

My name is Palesa, I do not have any family except my grandmother who is sick. My mom used to abuse alcohol while i was still in her tummy. She passed away when i was still very young. My aunt then came to look after me and my grandmother. Last year my aunt also passed away and now it’s only me and my grandmother. The two of us live in a 1-room shanty…

A distant uncle takes my grandmother to get her pensions once a month, but he takes most of the money for himself and leaves us with a bit of maize, a small packet of meat, and a few tins of food every month. It does not last long. I have to then go beg for food for us.

I see other children going to school but I don’t have a birth certificate or school clothes, so I can’t go to school.

Since the community work programme participants started working in our area, my granny and I have received a lot of support.

One very nice lady, Mapule, took me and my granny to the clinic for a check-up. I now also get a social grant to help support me and my granny.

The friendly ladies also cook food for us, washed us, and keep our home clean. I am now enrolled in a pre-school and I’m excited to learn.

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